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By | June 20, 2015

Penny and Steve Carlile obtained Home Interiors & Gifts and combined it with their organization Home & Garden Party – mixing “the best of the best” to make an in number, enabling profession open door for ladies. The merger of these two organizations made a past filled with more than 50 years in the immediate deals industry.

In 2013, Celebrating Home presented its Penelope Ann line of style embellishments. Observing Home and Penelope Ann are about offering chances to ladies the whole way across America and in Puerto Rico by giving the broadest line of home style, design and personalization items in the gathering arrangement industry.

In the mid year of 2013, Celebrating Home revitalized its Home Interiors brand with the presentation of the Home Interiors by Celebrating Home inventory in Spanish with an accentuation on home style, surrounded craftsmanship and the finest cookware accessible today—Sapphire cookware fabricated in Germany for Celebrating Home.


Observing Home, Penelope Ann and Home Interiors offer this and all the more as we maintain our roots. Our establishment is in light of poise, uprightness, steadfastness and truth, Christian rule that are genuine today in a continually evolving commercial center. The Celebrating Home corporate office is situated in Marshall, Texas and meets expectations with more than 30,000 Designers across the nation.

You can have it all with Celebrating Home, Penelope Ann and Home Interiors—from home style to purses and customized totes to excellent adornments. As a Designer, you set your own hours and pick your own way to achieve

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