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By | June 21, 2015

born shoes are manufactured from the finest leather, choice for their outstanding non-abrasiveness, solace and solidness. Whether shined to flawlessness or exceptionally treated to accomplish a matured, time-worn patina, born shoes rich, premium-quality cowhides give every configuration a remarkably particular completion.

Forte fabrics and materials, for example, normal cloth and extravagant velvet, are likewise included in select styles all through the Børn accumulation.

born shoes normal outline tasteful, rich itemizing and carefully assembled solace give every configuration in the Børn accumulation an unmistakable look and an extraordinary, spellbinding advance


From brushed metal equipment to hand-cut tufts and shrewd accent sewing, Børn’s plans mirror a cunning sensibility.

Keen points of interest in unforeseen spots, similar to the decorated characteristic themes found on born shoes hand-completed soles, are a piece of the incomparable Børn signature that makes every shoe a born shoes

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