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By | June 26, 2015

Each organization ought to have an arrangement of composed rule that its proprietors, representatives and clients can look to for motivation, inspiration and direction. Words to live by, maybe. Our inspiration at Biltwell was really basic in 2005…

• biltwell accept the period of 800-dollar billet air cleaners is over.

• There’s nothing around a cowhide trimmed hand control or lit skull ignition cover that is established in enhanced capacity or execution.

• Any cruiser part composed, fabricated or sold for the sole reason for making its proprietor resemble an intense fellow think 189-dollar tribal-blazed billet shifter handles is an exercise in futility and cash.

Considering these contemplations, the controlling standards of the Biltwell brand were fashioned.

As biltwell see it, there are a developing number of riders and carport shop mechanics out there who love the workmanship and art of hand-assembled cruisers, however who need nothing to do with today’s custom bicycle scene.


Like the organizers of Biltwell, these new cruiser riders grew up surfing, skating and riding BMX. biltwell aggregate association in real life games gives us a social, specialized and entrepreneurial point of preference over the wistfulness pursuing dental specialists, chiropractors and stockbrokers who rode before us.

Each Biltwell item will be designed and fabricated and evaluated to meet benchmarks of capacity, execution and quality that bode well in this present reality. Basic, legitimate and fantastic cruiser parts and frill that anybody can manage, and that everybody will be pleased to utilize and own.

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